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Publisher: OmniLegend Publishing

Katy and Ted, once villains under the control of an evil pen-shaped relic, have been called to action by the Artilouix Elder Daikonru in response to a new threat to Planet Artilouix and the Earth: The GENESIX! After a young man named Ticon Deroga blesses them with Artilouix purity, they wind up getting captured by a shadowy ninja adversary during a mission…

Meanwhile, Jason Deroga and his pals on Cyana Island have been accosted by an unknown enemy! Seven and Jax have arrived at the island, with Seven looking for someone called “Ticon”. Seeing Jason as “Ticon”, she merged with him, prompting his pals Sally Yola and Ken Sable, along with twin sister Jamie to become the Lil’ Hero Artists again.

The fight for Planet Artilouix and the Earth now continues in two realities… An Otherworldly Romp Starts Here!

This is Volume 2 of “Curse of Creation”, the sequel to the original Lil’ Hero Artists tale conceived by Nana Kumi-Amankwah and Nick Vollmer.

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