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Publisher: Caliber Comics

What if there really was a Garden of Eden – a place with a history before the first people we know of? A civilization cursed, entombed in carbon and banished underground for breaking their own commandment to live in balance with the Earth. When an evil coal operator discovers that this “sacred” carbon can burn forever, he will sacrifice  the land and the people to extract the full deposit. When he awakens and releases a hell the surface world cannot imagine, the only thing that stands in the way of the ecological disaster, is a disgraced, ex-pro baseball pitcher and a community of courageous coal miners. 

COLLECTS issues #1-3

“Danny Boyd’s Carbon combines three distinct genres- Lovecraftian gorefest, religious picture book and political allegory- to tell the story of our slow and conscious self-poisoning.” – John Sayles, Director.

“This graphic novel’s tale is a self-contained piece of world-building, loaded generously with imaginative flair and yet still grounded in reality like the wise Aesop born anew.” – Richard Caldwell, Heavy Metal Magazine.

“Boyd marries sci-fi monster flick ideas with Appalachian tragedy, showing us imaginative allegory and authentic profundity do not have to be mutually exclusive.” – Chris Oxley, Ain’t It Cool News

Carbon (graphic novel)Price: $6.99