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Publisher: Space Coast Comixx

This is the first crossover for both Motorist and Bocas, and this tale takes these two men from their prospective worlds and pits them against each other in this never-ending rollercoaster ride that keeps you on the edge of your seat until the last page.
The story also features the cunning and dastardly Luke de la Vega, a crazed ex-special forces soldier who kills for a price. Luke is hired by the low-down gangster known as O’Brien to exact his revenge on Bocas. When the Motorist and Bocas are at each others throats because of differing opinions, they will also have to contend with Luke who wants to mount their heads on the wall. Motorist and Bocas must put aside their differences to deal with Luke and the street gang. Will this team-up work out? God only knows.

Bocas vs MotoristPrice: $4.99