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Publisher: Jennifer M Lefering

The Tarot American Deck was created to highlight landmarks, people, and events from the United States’ past. Some of the people and events are well known, others are those who have slipped through the cracks of history.

This deck was designed as an apolitical creation, highlighting historic Americana in both it’s good and bad light. Our history is what it is and should never be forgotten, nor should those who played pivotal roles in it, for better or worse. The deck guide book will be available as a PDF download with purchase and contains brief overviews of each person, place, and event depicted, as well as why they were chosen to represent each card. Traditional card meanings are also included for each card in the deck, as well as basic spreads and an overview of how to read for beginning readers. 

The book can be downloaded by adding the digital file to your order. There is no charge for it in PDF format. 

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