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Publisher: Disoriented Ranger Publishing

Rebellion – The Card Game

Rebellion is a historically themed card fishing game of chance and tactics where two sides – the King and the Rebels – fight over the REALM by playing hand cards to win Realm cards from the table. Each side has special powers they can use, and even the Realm cards come with special effects that will alter each game and keep it interesting. Rebellion is quick, has some elements of bluffing and planning, and adds a little dose of luck for good measure.

What is needed to play?

2 to 5 players
2 sets of 52 standard playing cards with two jokers each

the King’s Cheat Sheet
the Rebellion’s Cheat Sheet
the Realm Cheat Sheet
the Playing Mat Template (optional background for online play)

Rebellion is a great little game to play between rpg sessions or on a quiet evening with a friend or spouse. What’s more, it lends itself easily for online gaming via roll20 – which already provides the proper cards and all mechanics one would need to play the game. With the play mat template shown below, you also get a nice little background for the map layer on your roll20 game:

Price: $4.99