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Publisher: Pacefactor

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M.A.D – A game about cold war, hot conflict. and ending the world

This is a moderate-level strategy game about sneakily building your “supereapon” to eliminate all other players. The manner in which you do this is throuhg interesting and strange research types, the primary examples being phyics, biology, psyche, and the occult. It can be easily played with only 2 players, and plays often better with 4 to 6 players. All players must draw and use cards from the same deck, often trading, discarding and stealing from eachother to tyry and get the upper hand!

This game is a 2 phase game – cold war and hot conflict – that is controlled by a centeral ‘Tension” mechanic, placing the pacing and speed at which the game takes place entirely in the hands of the players, where they can force thier enemies into a war state, or bring thier arms to bear.

Players can, and will, use security tokens and deterrents to disrupt the plans of the other players – because at the end, there can only be one! Bluffing, lying and manipulating your competitors is to be expected, and intimidateing an opponent to fold is a viable method of playing. It just pays to remeber, if you try hard enough, almost any situation can be crawled out of. 

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TYPICAL GAME LAYOUT FOR A PLAYER (It is assumed that there are cards in your hand, refered to as the “Projects”)

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M.A.D -  Tyrannical Pack (20 Cards)Price: $0.00