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Publisher: Straight Jab Media

In the West, there’s only one law that everyone understands; that guarantees a quick and decisive verdict; and that treats all people as equals . . . and that’s the Gunman’s Law!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is not a complete game. This is a component of Gunman’s Law. In addition, this is not a standard component of the game. The Player Aids product comes standard printed on 6×6″ cards. This product is a premium color book for those who would like the Player’s Aid components in high quality rulebook to match the main rules, or for those who wish a letter-sized PDF for print-and-play purposes.

This book of Gunman’s Law Player Aids includes:

4 x Gunfight Wound Tracking Sheet

4 Gunfight Tracking Accessories

64 Counters for gunfighters and mounts

1 Shotgun Template

2 Gunman’s Law Character Sheets

6 Round-by-Round Gunfight Trackers

1 Action Checklist

Gunman's Law Player AidsPrice: $2.99