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Publisher: Island Time Wellness

This Subliminal is for Feeling Free- as a sovereign being to create and live your best life on your terms now. It was Lovingly Made by Licia Sorgi of Island Time Wellness® This subliminal contains binaural beats in the love frequency (432 Hz). You can access them by using non-noise cancelling headphones. 

Script: (as spoken by female and male)

I am Free Now

You are Free now

I am Very Free Now

You Are Very Free Now

I am Extremely Free Now

You are Extremely Free Now

I am Incredibly Free Now

You are Incredibly Free Now

I’m So Happy I Live Freely

You’re So Happy You Live Freely

I Have the Freedom to Do, Be, Create, and Have What I Want Now

You Have the Freedom to Do, Be, Create, and Have What You Want Now

Enjoy the sound of relaxing beach waves while you reprogram your subconscious mind to ‘remember’ your ability to do, be, create and have what you want now. Listen daily until desired results are achieved. 
Sit back, relax, and enjoy this recording on low (just above audible). We’ve included binaural beats in the love frequency of 432 Hz which can be accessed with the use of headphones (do not use noise-canceling headphones). Profound results can occur quickly and easily. Did you know that you can literally design the life of your dreams? You can- by using subliminal recordings. Subliminal recordings bypass the conscious ‘you can’t do it’ mind and get delivered directly to the inbox of your subconscious mind (which quietly controls our beliefs, habits, and patterns). What does your ideal life look like? Decide and design. With much love, Licia
Legal Do not listen while operating heavy machinery. Discontinue use if unpleasant side effects occur. Not a substitute for medical care. Island Time Wellness® Copyright 2022

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