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Publisher: Black Chantry Productions
Unique Location.
Lock to give control of this location to your predator
and search for a Gnosis in your library (shuffle afterwards) to put it on an Abomination or werewolf
ally you control, give 1 life from the blood bank, or
prevent 1 damage for any of them. Once during
another Meyhuselah’s Minion Phase, a werewolf
ally they control may take control of this location as
a +2 stealth [iZ] action. Non-anarch titled vampires
can burn this location with a +1 stealth political
action; if this referendum passes, each vampire that
voted in favor takes X unpreventable damage, where X
is the number of werewolves in play; no more than
3 damage can be inflicted on each vampire.
A community created card built with the DriveThruCards card creator. $0.50