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Publisher: Outland Entertainment

Madame Portentia didn’t know what she was getting into when she dug through the refuse in the fabled Kelp-Master’s Stinking Shack on the shore of the island.

Driven to desperation by a lack of decent recyclable rubbish with which to supplement her income as the island’s one and only fortune teller, she dared to unlock the creaky wooden box she uncovered in the tumbledown shack. What she found in that box changed her life—whether for better or for worse is still up for debate.

Are you as intrepid as Madame Portentia? Will you dare to open the box that contains the Hopeless, Maine Tarot and discover its secrets? We cannot promise safety, of course, as with so many aspects of island life. But we suspect you will be just as thrilled as Madame Portentia when you become acquainted with these cards. Provided, of course, you prepare properly with a carefully chosen talisman and a solid, demon-proof cabinet to store the deck in. And perhaps a can of Tentacle Repellant spray.

Price: $4.99