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Publisher: NISEI

Spice up your deck with some of the best cards from the 2020 World Champion’s deck! This is a double pack with twice as many of the usual copies of each card so you can choose to play with plain cards or cards digitally autographed by the World Champion himself. Contains the following: 1x cover card, 2x alternate-art Sportsmetal (1 signed & 1 unsigned), 2x full-bleed Hoshiko Shiro (1 signed & 1 unsigned), 6x full-bleed Project Vacheron (3 signed & 3 unsigned), 6x alternate-art Archived Memories (3 signed & 3 unsigned), 6x alternate-art Liberated Account (3 signed & 3 unsigned), and 6x full-bleed Paladin Poemu (3 signed & 3 unsigned).

Compatible with Android: Netrunner. Not associated with, produced by, or endorsed by Fantasy Flight Games, R. Talsorian Games, or Wizards of the Coast.

2020 World Champion PackPrice: $0.00