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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

This is a 5e D&D conversion of the various monsters, creatures, spells, magic items, and encounters for the classic D&D module X1 The Isle of Dread. The original module, the Monster Manual, and either Volo’s Guide to Monsters or Monsters of the Multiverse are required to use this conversion guide. Appendix A: Of Ships and the Sea in Ghosts of Saltmarsh may be helpful but is not required. The adventure is for characters who are levels 3-6.

The following digital maps have been included at 70 DPI. Grid and no grid options have been included. Two variants of each map have been provided.

Continental Map 8192 x 14000
Isle of Dread Players Map 2550 x 3300
Isle of Dread DMs Map 2550 x 3300
Central Plataeu 4130 x 3990
Pirate Lair with cave and tunnels
Pirate Lair without cave and tunnels
General Cave Lair #1
General Cave Lair #2 (two variants)
The Village of Tanaroa
Rakasta Camp
Aranea Lairs
Phanaton Platforms
Village of Mantru
Taboo Island – Temple Level 1
Taboo Island – Temple Level 2
Taboo Island – Temple Level 3
Bonus map Jungle Terrain 01
Bonus map Jungle Terrain 02
Bonus map Beach
Bonus Map Swamp

Continental Map

Isle of Dread

Village of Tanaroa

Taboo Island – Temple Level 01

Taboo Island – Temple Level 03

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