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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Emotionally stunted but highly skilled, the Witchers are professional monster hunters that combine excellent swordsmanship, knowledge of monster lore, herbal potion making, and simple magic to take down the fiercest creatures the world has to offer. 

This is a 5e class for the Witcher as featured in the various books, games, and shows. I’ve tried to design it to capture the essence of playing a witchers without adding too much extra baggage to gameplay, or slowing things down at the table.

To help maintain the image of witchers as powerful and skilled, this class assumes the character takes the Trial of the Grasses to mutate into a full-fledged witcher at level 5. It includes herbalism, signs, and various effects of the witcher mutation as class features. 

It also includes 3 subclasses:

The school of the Wolf, leveraging adrenaline as they fight; the school of the Bear, as hardened, unbreakable warriors; and the school of the Cat, for witchers with a more rogueish outlook.

For a more detailed look at herbal potion making for a witcher, see my other work: “Herbalism Overhauled: Witcher Style Potion Making”. 

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