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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Come to the rescue of a tribe of goblins on the run from their hobgoblin overlords in

What’s Mine is Ours!

After escaping the oppressive rule of the hobgoblin empire, a tribe of goblins stumbles across a long-abandoned iron mine that would make the perfect home for them, if only it wasn’t already full of dangers. What lurks in the mine is however a secondary problem for the goblins, as they know that hobgoblin scouts will be hot on their heels. Looking to gain a valuable ally, they turn to the local town of Cathric for help.

Under orders from the Marquess of Cathric, your band of adventurers is tasked with ensuring that the mine can provide a steady source of iron. Of course, this will mean helping the goblin tribe to get the mine working and defending them from their old masters. Your players will have to face off against the monsters in the mine, a hobgoblin scouting party and some over enthusiastic mining equipment, all while trying to put on a brave face in front of three trainee goblin fighters.

This 4 to 5 hour adventure is designed for 4 level 3 characters.

Content warnings: spiders, enclosed spaces, displaced populations, authoritarian regimes. It is also implied that a monstrous creature is wounded by another monstrous creature.

This adventure includes an accessible version of the PDF, and a map pack which includes the following variations of the adventure map:

  • DM version
  • Player version with grid
  • Player version without grid
  • VTT compatible version with grid
  • VTT compatible version without grid

This adventure was made as part of the RPG Writer Workshop.

What's Mine is OursPrice: $2.00