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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

What to tell your players? Who should tell them? When to tell them? What do they know and what is left to be discovered?

With an adventure like Rime of the Frostmaiden, that has more than 200 things your players need to know about 20 different plots, answering this questions is no easy fit.

Make the most out of your investment in Rime of the Frostmaiden.

Rime of the Frostmaiden is a MASSIVE book. It contains more than 30 missions, three main storylines, many subplots, and there is no way for your players to find out about everything and make the most of this beautiful and exciting adventure… until now.

This guide is made so you can feed information to your player’s bit by bit, treating all plots like puzzles they have to figure out, making Icewind Dale a richer world. It will help you control a massive 6-12 months adventure, without worrying about what should I reveal and when?


The problem? Unless you spend more than 50 hours reading and sorting through all the information in the book, you will likely run into one of these scenarios: 

  1. During the adventure, you have not given enough information on a specific topic, so when it comes time to reveal that plot, you need an NPC to make an information dump.
  2. You reveal too much too early, and as a consequence you send your players to a place much more advanced for their level, risking a Total Party Kill.
  3. You miss out on having one of the most satisfying moments any Dungeon Master can have: the moment when your players put together all the little bits of information you have been feeding them for months, and they have a EUREKA! moment.

What to tell your players and when? Which NPC knows this information? 


  • We read all 320 pages of the official book.
  • Took out with more than 200 different plot points your players will find out while playing the adventure.
  • Categorized these 200 plot points in Plots and Subplots (more than 15 different categories were created).
  • Grouped all information in four different tables than you will use depending on the moment your players need to know about a particular item:
TABLE 1: Just tell your players. 
General information about Ten Towns that will help you set up the atmosphere, and your players should know without any roleplaying (Just… Tell… Them).
TABLE 2: Breadcrumbs
Rumors people are talking about. When they are with an NPC, roll  2d10 dice and check which is the rumor they are talking about.
TABLE 3: In Quest.
Information players will only find if they take a specific quest.
TABLE 4: Automatic
Here you will see the information your players will find out NO MATTER what they do. The official book tells you when to tell them and who will deliver this information.
Tables you will find in the guide


You won’t find any homebrew content or recommendations of how to run the adventure. All tables seen here were taken from the +300 pages of the book.

This material will help you make the most of this adventure, save you dozens of hours finding out about plots and make your players be surprised at every turn.

You will enjoy it more, and your players will love it.

If you need more convincing, please watch the Youtube short video with a tutorial where I explain in detail how this guide will help you on your quest of being a great storyteller.


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