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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild


Imbued with powers from a strange origin, you are a gyser of magical potency. With little control over this immense arcane potential, you must respond with either great determination and discipline as a Tranquil Ascetic, unleash it recklessly as an Unbounded Soul, or find alternatives to accomplishing your goals as a Worldly Student. In time, you will learn to incorporate your power in unique ways and rival even the greatest mages in strength and will!


The Volamancer is a D&D 5e player class that uses the unique Volatile Die magic system. Manage your risk as you see fit, but beware: if you don’t utilize the innate power you’ve been granted, you will find yourself quickly falling behind your arcane counterparts. But learn to incorporate it successfully and you unlock your potential. 


Volatile Magic System. The Volamancer uses a completely new method of spellcasting, which rewards creative management of risk and reward. Overestimate your ability to control and you pose a threat to yourself and those around you. But learn to utilize it effectively and you can effortlessly shift between support and damage, excelling at both. Use the system effectively and you may find yourself casting powerful spells with extraordinary efficiency. But misuse it and you may serve only to make a bad situation worse!

Three Subclasses. The Volamancer comes with 3 distinct subclasses, each with its own take on how to utilize Volatile Magic. As a Tranquil Ascetic or Unbounded Soul, you can unleash your volatile magic as a full caster, or take the path of a Worldly Student and use the power along with the many martial tricks you’ve picked up along the way.

New Spells. The Volamancer also comes with 3 custom spells, which play on the unique spellcasting method of the Volamancer and create unique opportunities for managing the risk/reward inherent in the Volatile Magic system!

For more information about the process of designing the Volamancer, you can check out this youtube series!

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