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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Deep in Wildspace, the captain of a spelljammer uses a sextant to confirm their ship’s location while you patiently await the arrival of a mysterious merchant. You know you have timed the meeting correctly, but where are they?

Suddenly, from the swirls of a beautiful nebula, a strange floating rock with an iron door in its side emerges, trailing stardust in its wake. The crew exchange a mixture of excited, nervous and greedy glances. Vocath’s Vault is here!

You have heard tales of magical treasures beyond your wildest dreams hidden deep within the secure halls of the vault. However, all treasures come at a price… but not all prices are paid in gold.

Are you ready to strike a bargain?

Vocath’s Vault – The Spacefarer’s Essential Gear introduces a selection of new adventuring gear and magic items with a streak of space fantasy and magical technology. You can use these items to spice up the treasure hoards of your adventures or the selection of magic shops in your favorite settings. 

Included in this supplement:

Brief guidelines to trading with the Mercane and new transaction complications 
10 new items 
11 new magic items

Example of layout and illustration

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