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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Verminkin Traits

The dank and dim Underdark is home to many unsavory people, and few places contain such a hive of nauseating folk as Whiskaria, home to the Verminkin. These ratfolk live in an ancient underground sewer which once undersat a brilliant Gnomish city. They sneak and plot constantly, seeking to ever raise their place in the world.

Rathulk Mischief (Subrace)

Towering over their skulking kin, hulklings are the broad bruisers of Verminkin society. As creatures of impressive strength, this breed of Verminkin are known for being bodyguards, warriors, and the generals of Whiskarian society.

Rotsnout Mischief (Subrace)

Making up the vast majority of Verminkin, these ratfolk are the skulking, smelly creatures which give Verminkin their overgeneralized reputation. Indeed, this stealth and smell is more of a boon than anything, as many creatures pay them little mind, when often this is a mistake, for rotsnouts are the collectors of secrets which find so much power.

Greyfur Mischief (Subrace)

There is a misconception about the Grey Furs of Whiskaria. Many say their wisdom comes from demons, or they are born one in a thousand, gifted and intelligent, but the truth is a grey fur is a rotsnout which has lived above the age of forty. It takes incredible intelligence and cunning to make it long in the world as a rotsnout, the ones that do use the things they learned to control and grow Verminkin society.

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