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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Let your thoughts shape your reality.

Unshackled presents a new warlock subclass designed for use in the Spelljammer: Adventures in Space campaign setting. 

In this supplement you will find:

The Unshackled Self (a Warlock Patron)

The thoughts and dreams of creatures on the Material Plane create ripples on the Astral Plane, a place where ideas have power. There are those who are capable of using that connection to draw power in the other direction. Unshackled Self warlocks have such strong belief in their own ideas that they throw off the mundane limits of material being. They siphon energy from the Astral Plane to think their ideas into temporary existence, gaining amazing powers or weaving objects out of silvery, semi-real astral matter. The power which they exert on the Astral Plane isn’t without consequence, creating an idealised echo of the warlock that dwells within the Astral Sea. The warlock relies on their astral self to be their conduit to ever increasing power, essentially relying on their other half as their warlock patron. At the same time the astral self grows in power and individuality within the Astral Plane, effectively becoming a nascent god. If and when the warlock enters the Astral Plane their two halves temporarily combine, becoming their truest unshackled self.

Unshackled Self Warlocks create a mirror of themselves in a hidden demiplane out amidst the Astral Sea, then use their connection to their astral self to temporarily change reality. Their spell list expands to reflect their ability to make their ideas real. They also choose a motif: a fundamental truth of their soul defining the sort of person they are. The five motifs are the Artisan, Companion, Performer, Scholar, and Warrior. The warlock can manifest a powerful icon of their chosen motif and each motif grants several unique features, some of which are passive and some of which require the use of the warlock’s icon. The powers of the warlock’s motif are further refined as their class level increases.

4 New Invocations

The Abjuring Armament, Eldritch Infusions, Grasp of Gresil, and Sacrificial Bond are infusions unique to warlocks of the various motifs. 

1 Epic Boon

The Astral Rebirth epic boon grants your astral self the ability to live on after your death, causing you to resurrect after 24 hours if the astral self still lives.

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