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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

This adventure is designed for three-to-five 5th level characters, and optimized for four


The ancient race track in the desert has been surrounded with a sandstorm for as long as anyone could recall. Every year this sandstorm has been growing slowly which left its danger unnoticed. The nomadic tribes of the region realized this crisis and came to warn the closest city region. The city’s amir hired a few adventuring groups to look into it and resolve it, but none has returned.

Hundreds of years ago, this famous race track was host to a major event between two powerful tribes: Banu Dhai with their horse Al-Ghabra against Banu Ladeem and their horse Dahis. The two raced, however Banu Dhai attempted to cheat in the race and ambush Dahis. Dahis was spooked and fled out of the race.

In anger Salamah Ibn Ladeem, cursing that none shall leave or find rest until the horses have finished their race. Unbeknown to him at the time, he was carrying a cursed gem encrusted ring imprisoned in it a malicious powerful elemental, Karaal. Karaal took this deep angered desire as a wish, and manifested this perpetual sandstorm. Everyone there became semi-petrified, never to be free until Dahis & Al-Ghabra completed their race fair & square. 

Unfinished RacePrice: $1.00