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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild


80 Trinkets of Fire and Sun with Tables for Many More

Tables visible in Previews under the product image. 

For characters and treasures, in adventures and campaigns for summer, desert, Elemental Fire, volcanic or infernal themes. Use addtional tables to create and modify your own trinkets.

Includes d20 tables for …

80 Fire Trinkets (tables A-D)

Modifying and Building Fire Trinkets (Modifying Existing Trinkets, Building Your Own, Trinket Base Item A, Trinket Base Item B)

Descriptors and Extras (Trinket Descriptors, Trinket Extras A, Trinket Extras B)

Decorations, Inscriptions and Materials (Trinket Decorations, Trinket Depictions, Trinket Inscriptions, Trinket Materials)

More D&D Tables

Included in the All the Trinkets Bundle and Characters & Trinkets Bundle. Also of interest might be Adventure Sites Bundle, Non-Combat Encounters, Sky Trinkets or Desert Encounters.
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