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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Purgatory is a linear dungeon-crawl adventure that can take place in any 5e world or setting. It is written for a group of four or five adults starting at level 5, but can easily be adjusted to suit a larger party or a younger audience.

The adventure has several in-depth puzzles and is punctuated with intricate combats, so a diverse set of skills and proficiencies within the group and is key to surviving in this multifaceted hell-scape.

This module is for the game master alone and assumes you are familiar with all the 5e rules. It’s best to read the entire adventure before running a game, but skimming the NPC backgrounds, story beats, and location notes should be enough to get started.

Escaping Purgatory should take the players several sessions totaling at least 20 to 30 hours of gameplay depending on how much roleplaying is incorporated.

Trials of Purgatory, a 5E adventurePrice: $8.53