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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Tremula Noir is a gothic-type adventure for level 1-3 characters, which takes place in the world of Ravenloft, loosely based on the canonical lore.
The existence of a paramilitary organization known as the Inquisition and led from the shadows by Baron Strahd von Zarovich will seek to recruit a group of brave warriors to deal with a person who has earned the enmity of a very powerful nobleman from the city of Invidia.
The characters will travel to a small village called Tremula (“Tremulous”, as in Invidia, “Envy”) populated mostly by a privileged social class where non-humans and the poor survive with difficulty, fighting against racial prejudice. The story includes the presence of three very interesting NPCs, each with its own background and unique realistic personality.
Tremula Noir is, above all, an exercise in spiritual and moral self-evaluation where good is not so good, nor bad so bad; it does not fit into a “black and white” ethical perspective, but admits the existence of many existential greys between the two extremes.

Tremula NoirPrice: $4.95