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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Treasure tieflings were tieflings born from corpses that had been laying abandoned in a dragon’s treasure trove. They carried mutations from the type of dragon that possessed the hoard and it wasn’t uncommon that parts of their bodies were made of bits from the dragon’s hoard, such as jewels embedded in their skin or gold pieces in their horns. Treasure tieflings had no memories from their body’s previous owner’s lifetime but might carry signs from it, such as scars, pointed ears, and the like. Starting at the age of the body they inhabited but with minds as empty as childrens when waking for the first time, they were beings born from the dragon’s magical energy and possessiveness of their treasure.

This is a homebrew variant of tieflings, which incorporates my fondness for dragons. It contains tieflings for each type of dragon found in the Monster Manual, for a total of 13 different tieflings. It includes two versions; one with an aged paper backing, and one without, for easier viewing and reading, and printer friendliness.

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