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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

You’re Invited to the Wedding of the Century

Follow the clues to uncover a plot to remove the soon-to-be-betrothed princes from power and foil it before the culprits crash the party.

To Have and To Hold is a 7th-level one-shot adventure with murder and intrigue that takes place on a flying castle enchanted with a gentle winter snowfall during a royal wedding. The party will be immediately thrusted into their job as extra security the minute they teleport on site. Many clues (and bodies) will lead them to one of two final destinations where they will have to either prevent the assailants from dropping the castle out of the sky or directly guard the princes from yet another assination attempt.

Inside includes:

  • A 6-page adventure leading the party through various clues
  • A battle map of one of the final locations
  • A stylized PDF, a printer- and screen reader-friendly PDF, and separate map file
  • A who-done-it that will have your players coming back for more

Three figures posing: a tabaxi, a halfling, and a firbolg

To Have & To HoldPrice: $4.99