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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Faerun is in danger, Titans and Magi-Tech Mechanical monsters run rampant across its surface. Who can put these monsters and mechanical terrors in their place? From the depths of Baator to the heights of the Elemental Chaos, monsters roam the Forgotten Realms. 

In this supplement: 

  • 7 Kaiju, all at CR 30. 
  • 6 of these Kaiju have Mythic Traits, sure to drastically alter the course of the fight. 
  • 7 Magi-Tech Mechanical Constructs, for players, to pilot against the Kaiju if they so desire. 
  • 14 unique Mythic rewards for defeating these Monsters
If that’s not enough to whet your proverbial whistle, then enjoy these quotes from playtesters! 
“I’m going to stop you right there Jackson, cause that’s the craziest monster concept that I’ve ever heard.” – One playtester, upon hearing the concept behind one of the Kaiju. 
“This is the most fun I’ve had fighting a giant deer!” – Another playtester. 
“This deserves Adamantine, at LEAST.” -Yet another playtester, who is definitely not me. 

Titans of FaerunPrice: $9.95