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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Encounter rare creatures and play with portals in this fifth-level adventure for the world’s greatest roleplaying game

Hired to retrieve a particularly unstable tome of multiplanar research from the University, characters get a chance to encounter rare creatures, explore the city, wrestle with making deals and a crime syndicate, and more! Players will need to move quickly and think on their feet if they want to stop the next dangerous entity from emerging.

Three Sheets to the Wind is a 5th-level one-shot adventure that takes place in Sharn (or any large city in your setting of choice), where portals are generating rare and dangerous creatures from across the multiverse. Characters are hired by a distraught librarian to retrieve some dangerous research before everything goes wrong, or to deal with the situation if the worst has already happened. Characters will traverse the city encountering various rare creatures from the multiverse, and then ultimately journey through the portals themselves.

Inside includes:

  • An 18-page adventure from the maker of Forgotten Dreams of Gabhein Hill that will send characters throughout the multiverse and deal with the most unexpected of creatures
  • Maps from Dyson Logos detailing locations for an over-the-top coffee house for academics, a Church of the Silver Flame, and an inn containing a deadly secret
  • A high-quality PDF, and a printer-friendly accessible PDF
  • A healthy dose of whimsy, and the chance to destroy the cart of a cabbage vendor in the Bazaar

Three Sheets to the WindPrice: $4.95