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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild


Add the depth your Theros campaign has been missing with the Theros Campaign Handbook. This supplement provides a detailed tour of the three major poleis, including city maps for Akros, Meletis, and Setessa. Expand your options with new subclasses, gifts of the gods, and backgrounds that are specific to the Theros setting. This handbook also offers variant rules that can add emersion to your campaign. 

Polis Maps

The Theros Campaign Handbook provides a deep dive into all three major poleis, including NPCs, location descriptions, story hooks, and rumors. Additionally, the Theros Campaign Handbook includes detailed maps of all three cities. 

character options

This book provides a number of new character options including 10 new backgrounds, 3 gifts of the gods, and tips for adding artificers into the campaign setting. In total, there are also five new subclasses including:

  • Artificer – Asclepiad: The medicine man of Theros, the Asclepiad is part healer and part seer.
  • Artificer – Automaton Savant: The Automaton Savant brings anvilwrought companions to life. 
  • Artificer – Inventor: The inventor harnesses the power of infusions to create inventions the world has never seen. 
  • Fighter – Argonaut: A nautical-themed archetype that works at sea or on land. 
  • Sorceror – Pantheon Sorcery: This sorcerer has developed arcane powers after a brush with the gods. 

variant rules

The handbook also provides detailed rules for including falconry in your campaign. Falconry is a central aspect of life in Theros, and these variant rules offer a balanced approach to adding a winged companion to your party. 

Theros Campaign HandbookPrice: $12.95