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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

From award-winning screenwriter Dale Zawada

The Toymaker and the Bag of Gifting is a 2-4 hour Christmas-themed one shot adventure for five 8th-12th level characters. This is a light-hearted adventure with a Christmas spin appropriate for all player levels. Tweak the encounter difficulty if your party is not yet levels 8-12. The narration in this adventure is written in rhyme ala Dr. Seuss. Have fun with it!

This adventure is kid friendly as well, just maybe tone down the violence and tweak a narrative line or two (Toymaker says a swear).

Adventure Summary
The Toymaker has gone missing and brave heroes are needed to find him. After discovering the evil Count Von Grump has stolen the Toymaker’s enchanted Bag of Gifting, they must retrieve the bag and fight off the grumpy villain before distributing presents all around Faerun before sunrise. They will have a dangerous snowball fight with frost giants, encounter a nasty gnome named Missile-Toe who shoots magic missiles from his socks, and then fly through the air and take on the villainous Count Von Grump in an aerial encounter your party won’t forget!

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