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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Discover a knight’s tale of love and vengeance while solving an abandoned tower’s magical puzzles!

The effervescent murals on the walls were so vivid that it felt as if the creatures on them would jump out to charge at you. Despite the few ruined parts of the chambers and the smashed windows, it felt as if this tower held itself together through some means beyond most people’s understanding.

Many have tried to find the secrets hidden inside the mysterious tower that seems to have been abandoned for hundreds of years. Only a few were ever able to even unlock the front door. Those that were smart enough to find a way in, never made it out. What secrets lie within this mysterious tower?

Who is the Starlight Knight? Why would she cover her past in such secrecy?

This adventure will take adventurers of levels 6 to 7 through a 2/3 (3 hour) sessions worth of dungeon crawling inside a magical tower filled with puzzles, fun encounters and a love story shrouded in mystery.

As with all other adventurers that Kelfecil writes, it can be modified for lower or higher levels accordingly and adapted to anyone’s campaign setting.

The art-venture series is a series of RPG modules where Constantine Christakis (@Kelfecil) takes inspiration from the art of amazing artists and creates adventure stories for tabletop RPG use. The stories are based on the artwork of a different artist every time.

The Tower of the Starlight Knight is a D&D adventure in the art-venture series based on the stunning art of Rachel Eaton (@Rayleearts).

All modules in the art-venture series are available for free. If you wish to support Kelfecil with his writing, then you are more than welcome to do so through his Patreon page.

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