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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Welcome to The Tower of Sorrow, a four to six hour adventure for 1st level characters, designed for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition.

Dungeons & Dragons is about telling stories and reliving them. Legends, fairy tales and adventures inspired by real events often appear in the fantasy world in one way or another. This tale is inspired by old Slavic folklore, a story which was passed down in verbal or written form since middle ages.

A suicide happens in the local inn. Or is it a murder? How is the death of an old man tied to a long forgotten, burned down lookout tower, situated not far from the village? What unexplained mysteries are hidden inside? And how is all of this related to a young captain and his wife? Where does the love, hate, regret and vengeance come from?

Included with this adventure are:
– village map with descriptions
– inn map
– tower map
– 4 new creatures
– three conclusions

CONTENT WARNING: blood, death or dying, rape, violence.

The Tower of SorrowPrice: $2.95