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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

“They say The Temple Between the Trees is found and reviled as often as it is revered and sought.”

The Temple Between the Trees is a 4-6 hour adventure designed for a party of four to six 5th-level characters.

Within the depths of Limbo is a long-lost forest that flickers into the material plane looking for its former home in space-time. Those who beckon the forest’s call find themselves drawn to its center–to the ruinous entrance of the cylindrical metal temple lurking beneath the earth. In the deepest chamber of The Temple Between the Trees lies a breeding pool of the froghemoth. Throughout the halls beyond rage a battle between a group of bullywugs lead by a green slaad who seek the recently formed froghemoth egg for their lord The Frog King, a band of bullywug knights sworn to capturing froghemoth eggs to foster them for the prosperity of their people, and a group of swindlers looking to capitalize on the treasures within in between the chaos of clashing blades

This adventure features:

  • Three story hooks that can be easily folded into any campaign setting
  • An 11 room dungeon with an adventuring day’s worth of encounters
  • A round by round breakdown of exploration and a wandering encounter
  • Encounters individually balanced for parties of four, five, or six characters.
  • Two new monsters: the flying great sword, and riding war frog

The Temple Between The TreesPrice: $1.99