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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

What elder evils lurk in the depths of the freezing mountain ruins? Find out in The Stoneheart Ruin!

The adventure features:

  • A 4-hour adventure for 2nd-4th level characters set in a desolate, wintry mountain landscape. 
  • 16 pages full of intrigue and mystery, containing full color maps, plus 2 unique monster stat blocks. 
  • Provides a great introduction to Mind Flayer lore and mythos for Tier 1 players.
  • Can easily be set in the Spine of the World for use in Rime of the Frostmaiden. 
  • Let your characters test their mettle as they climb and face the ancient dangers lurking in the cracks of The Stoneheart Ruin!

“I have no explanation for any of these finds. We heard disturbing noises coming from further within the mountain; thunderous and growling.”

  • Excerpt from a pamphlet, signed: “Koralia Meadring, Anthropologist Extraordinaire”

Koralia needs you to investigate her most recent discovery: a ruined cavern deep in the mountains. Her small team of academics did a cursory walk-through and think they’ve found a big breakthrough! However, they left in a hurry after being frightened by the horrors they heard coming from deeper in the mountain. They escaped and found one of their team was missing – a goliath named Marek. You must climb the mountains and locate the ruin, make certain that it is safe for study by Koralia’s team, and if possible, find and rescue Marek, whose fate is uncertain.

Made during the November 2020 RPG Writer’s Workshop.

The Stoneheart RuinPrice: $2.95