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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

The Great War ravaged many lands. And, as with all wars, it was the common people who suffered. Soldiers rampaged through the picturesque Firbolg glade known as Pumpernell in the common tongue. The houses and fields were burned, the powerful warriors and mages taken prisoner and those left behind were forced to rebuild in a place that was not as magical as it had once been. But word has come, of a magical flower far to the north that might be able to help the citizens of Pumpernell rebuild what was lost.

The Soul Violet is a role play heavy adventure for a normal sized party of 1st-3rd level characters. The overall goal of the adventure is to emphasize the idea that not all problems in D&D need to be, or even can be, solved with violence. 

But, that doesn’t mean the choices will be easy.

Your players will be asked to make tough moral decisions that not only effect themselves, but the entire world around them.

Filled with mysterious locations and complicated NPCs that range from fun-to-frightening; this  wonderful adventure can be played as a stand-alone queste or as an addition to your campaign.

Complete with new magical items and custom monsters, The Soul Violet will test your players in a fun and challenging way.

The Soul VioletPrice: $5.00