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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

In the Plane of Air, something has gone awry in the Obelisk Barony. What was once a thriving society ruled by fair genies is now a shell of its former self. Where are the traders hopping from mote to mote? Where are the revellers, the singers, the bards? Why do the streets of the Obelisk Township stand empty, patrolled only by posessed husks? And why hasn’t the good Baron done anything? 

Your journey begins with a prophecy that will lead you to the realm of the gods, where you shall begin to uncover the mystery of the Obelisk. This adventure has plenty of combat, but also leans heavily on role-playing and player investment in the setting. Equally important to slaying monsters and gaining loot, players will learn the secrets of the characters they meet along the way. 

The Soothsayer And The StormPrice: $1.00