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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

This supplement contains additional player subclasses for Dungeons and Dragons 5E- the Barbarian “Path of the Fiend Touched”, the Monk “Way of the Ki Blocker”, the Paladin “Oath of Liberation”, and the Rogue “Acrobat”. 

Though these options are setting and campaign agnostic, included is flavor and context for use in the setting of Faerûn, specifically involving a group of adventurer’s located on the Sword Coast known as “The Set”. 

Our hope is that you take these options not just as additional mechanics, but as inspiration for lore and roleplaying in your campaign setting, whether it be your version of the Forgotten Realms, homebrew, or something in between. 

Included in this document is all original artwork, featuring the Barbarian “Path of the Fiend Touched” and the Rogue “Acrobat,” as well as the mysterious Lord Talon, whose findings are contained within.

The Set's Journal of Faerûn Vol. 1Price: $2.00