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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Stand against oppression and embody the will of the people! For just 99 cents, become the vanguard of the revolution as the Pact of the Revolution Warlock!

Features include:

  • Set areas and objects alight with the fires of revolution

  • Revive your entire party to keep fighting the good fight

Additionally, unlock new eldritch powers with the Pact of the Mask, shrouding yourself in your patron’s power to bolster your defenses and deceive the world!

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Alternatively, get the full version of Codex Fantasia: Dominus Duodecim here, including all 12 subclasses, 12 spells, 12 feats, and 12 maneuvers!

The Revolution Warlock Patron and the Pact of the Mask (Codex Fantasia: Dominus Duodecim)Price: $0.99