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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

This is a Fantasy Grounds .Mod file that can only be used with Fantasy Grounds Virtual Tabletop software. If you are looking for only the PDF file, go HERE. This module works in both Fantasy Grounds Unity and Fantasy Grounds Classic. The maps feature Line of Sight and Environmental Effects. All locations are fully organized, linked and detailed.  

There are so many places to go in the City of Splendors that it can be hard for players to choose where to start. One of these locations, The Plinth, is a well known landmark that can be easily found, is open to all, and is a meeting place for many of the religious orders and political factions in Waterdeep. But can a temple shared by twenty faiths be a place of comfort? Why do select Seekers search here for clues to the Mother Source Heresy? What faiths will be granted a shrine here on Plinth Day? The veneer of civility is peeled away in this art-rich supplement that provides a wealth of information about the shrines, factions, personalities, quests, and intrigue that can be found within the walls of The Plinth: A Waterdeep Location. 

This supplement provides a wealth of material that a DM can use to breathe life into the wonderful City of Waterdeep. The Plinth makes a perfect primer for adventure. In it you will find 11 new NPC’s including factional contacts, details on 20 religious shrines including Azuth, Bane, Deneir, and Eldath, information on the mysterious Seekers of Selûne and the holy relics known as the Mother Source Fragments, 6 detailed maps with Line of Sight and Effects, 4 quest adventures, 11 unique tokens, and a wealth of incredible artwork that details the City of Splendors and its environment.

The Plinth: A Waterdeep Location Fantasy GroundsPrice: $7.99