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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Those who take on the mantle of the paternal class are united in their drive to protect and care for those more vulnerable than them. No matter who they take under their wing or how they came to find those people, a paternal will do anything to ensure the happiness and safety of their chosen family.

The Paternal: a protective martial class

have you ever wanted to play a character who was caring, attentive, strong, maybe a little dorky, always rushing your rest time, absolutely convinced that these woodcarving tools can unlock this magic chest just give him a minute … well, the paternal class is for you! the paternal class is a bit of a joke for those who just love dads, want to play a dad, or want something a little silly to honor the paternal caretakers in their life. while something of a fun, jokey class, the paternal class is absolutely viable for play in all types of games

the Paternal class includes:

an Adoption feature that lets you buff and protect your character’s wards
Very Efficient Use Of Short Rest Time
fun tool proficiencies and ways to use tools that go a little outside the norm
a wisdom-based martial character

the Paternal class includes three clans:

the Protector – a tankier subclass meant for absorbing damage and dispatching enemies
the Surrogate – a subclass that leans into the awkwardness and self-sacrifice of dadhood
the Wrangler – a buff-based subclass that really wants to keep everyone safe and stay on top of every problem at once

this class was inspired by my dream to be an adoptive father and my chronic “take young people under wing” syndrome. it was a delight to work on. thank you to hollis, leo, and faun for inspiration, feedback, and encouragement

includes a formatted PDF, plain text PDF, and dyslexia friendly PDF!

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