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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild


Barric Jingle promised the whole region he would deliver all kids presents in a single night! How he intends to do that, no one knows.  It was no long before the promise reached an oni, who took hold of the warehouse Barric works in and kidnapped him! It’s up to you adventurers to go through a fully industrial cabin full of weird toys and conveyor belts to save Barric. The adventure features widely different encounters with tons of surprises and environment to interact with.

A 4-6 hours spooky adventure that contrasts with Christmas fun for Tier 2 characters (lvls 5-10). 

This adventure was created for the RPG Writer Workshop 2020 with accessibility in mind.

Content Warning (CW):

Hags, implicit attacks while sleeping, hostage situation, enemy with arm replaced

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The Oni that ruined JinglemasPrice: $2.95