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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild


The Nine of Himdal is an 8-12 hour adventure for a level 11 party in the DnD 5e system.
It balances the three pillars of adventure so that every group can find their preferred taste.

When the heroes stop in a small village to get a good night’s rest, they hear sudden, ominous noises in the night.
Upon investigating they find out that something is amiss in the small town of Himdal.
Can they solve the mystery? Or are they incapable of seeing the bigger picture?

The nine of Himdal focuses on mystery and intrigue and will keep your players wondering at every turn.


When purchasing The Nine of Himdal you can expect:
8-12 hours of gameplay
22 pages of content (Including the adventure, NPC character sheets and extra useful schematics)
A professionally made Town map; players and DM version
A fully mapped out dungeon; players and DM version
An exciting Battle Map for the Final Battle
Character Artwork such as NPC’s and the town’s very own Inn


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The Nine of HimdalPrice: $4.95