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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Welcome to the frozen trails through the wastelands of the north. Here in the wild, nature is ruthless and the coming winter is rolling down from The Spine of the World – But out here lurkes the mystery that haunts your soul.    

This adventure was originally made for a party of three players but with a little adaptation the story should work fine with two, four or five players as well. I think you will enjoy the settings, PC- and NPC- characters and the twists and turns in this investigation-like adventure taking place in the northern frontiers of Farún. 

I have chosen to start the adventure by setting the stage in three background stories that your group should use in the creation of their characters. I made the adventure for three of my old male friends, but feel free to change the gender, names, classes and so on as you see fit.

If you do not want to use them as PC’s you can addabt the three to NPC’s and get their background stories to life trough interaction with your group. With an experienced GM that should work fine as well…  

This is pretty much a one-lined story, but there will be some small optional quests, divergent choises and interesting NPC’s that can help you to improvise lots of detours from the original quest. In the final pages you will also find two homebrewed tables – A “Hunting”-table and a “Random Encounter”-table that you can use as you move along.

This adventure was actualy my first dungeon master creation more than 20 years ago. I found it in a box some years back and I am now in the process of further development, poliching details and translating the whole thing into english – English is not my first language, so please bare with me for any misspellings, odd gramma or clumsy choise of words. 

Translating is a very time-consuming task for me, and my daughters takes most of my time. Therefore I have chosen to break up my adventure into smaller parts and release them as I progress – “The Marsh”, is the first release in the “Outposts”-Adventure.    

– Good luck :O)   

The MarshPrice: $4.99