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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

The first in a collection of Loremaster’s Guild products, this sourcebook contains thirteen new sub-class paths for adventurers to choose from when deciding how to further better their chances in the wilds of whatever realms they are from.

Inside this first volume of adventuring options you will find:

–          The herb-and-greasepaint masters of the rage in themselves and others, the Woadsman barbarian.

–          The effervescent masters of style and untapping hidden potential, the bardic College of Fascinations.

–          The followers of duty and daily prayer and promise to a variety of scripture instead of just one deity, the well-versed Litanist cleric.

–          The protector and speaker for the things that slither and crawl in the gloom of the underground, the unsettling druid of the Circle Below.

–          Battle brothers with a savage animal as much as their fellow soldiers, the focused Beastblade fighter.

–          Attacking and dodging between the beats of a drum or chime of a bell, the monks of the Way of Rhythm and Flow.

–          Serving the fractured power of chaos and anarchy on the world as a divine thing, the lunacy of the paladins under the Kaleidoscopic Oath.

–          Bringing creatures to heel with the crack of a whip and the swoosh of a lariat, the beast pacifying Wrangler ranger.

–          Stealing hearts and hopes as much as coin, the socially cunning and charming Rake rogue.

–          Sapping the magic from exotic morsels they dine upon, the sometimes nauseating Ingestive Alchemy origin of sorcerer.

–          Drawing their power from a touch of lycanthropy in their souls, the wild and furious Pact of the Werelock warlock.

–          Casting and imbuing spells into their culinary inventions, each spell is just another tasty recipe for the Kitchen Witch tradition of wizard.

Replacing weakness with magi-mechanical augmentations, the inventive Prostheticist branch of the artificer. (From our Loremaster friends in Eberron!)

The Loremaster's Guild, Paths to Adventure vol.1Price: $4.00