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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

This adventure module sees a group of investigators – disparate adventurers who coalesce into a group through strife while assisting the government of Orision in tracking down and eliminating their political and legal rivals. Along the way, the party will encounter the corruption that lurks around every corner of this beautiful desert city, and learn that not all problems are so black and white. It will be up to the party as they unravel the complex narrative of the adventure to choose which side to ultimately assist, and which to destroy.

Roleplaying: 5/5
Combat: 3-4/5
Exploration: 2/5
Puzzles: 1/5

The Jewel of the Desert is an adventure for 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons meant for a party of 3 – 5 6th level characters. It takes approximately 6 hours to complete.

Files include: 17 page PDF filled with new magic items, exciting combat and roleplay scenarios, as well as a city map and four gorgeous custom encounter maps that are VTT ready.

The Jewel of the DesertPrice: $5.00