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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Looking for a place to resupply after a daring sea voyage, you land at a small outpost at the mouth of a jungle river.  The Company will gladly resupply you … as long as you do them the small favor of checking in on an ivory trader they’ve lost contact with.  A short boat trip upriver, what could possibly go wrong?

Retrace the journey of Marlow in the “Heart of Darkness” by Joseph Conrad in this adventure for third or fourth level characters.  Explore the jungle, relive the madness, and discover the bleak truth lurking behind the legendary trader Kurtz.  Experience a famous work of literature, this time as fantasy characters.

Perfect for a one-shot adventure, a break from a seafaring campaign, or for an after-school or library activity, this adventure can last nywhere from four to twelve hours.  

This module is free to download as part of the “Legends and Literature” series.  See other classic works reimagined as D&D modules in the section below.

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