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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Save the town of Crossroads from a terrible fate!

A preventive closure has been decreted in Crossroads.

A misterious sickness of unknown origin is affecting its inhabitants,

and the few that survive, act like if they were dead.

While the caravaneers are loosing patience,

awaiting to cross one of the most important road posts in the region.

The aid is on the way

In “The hidden colony” you will find:

  • A race against time, an investigation adventure in Crossroads and its surroundings
  • The consecuences of the character actions may change the development of the final Chapter greatly.
  • Guidance to play the adventure in specific places of the Eberron or Forgotten realms settings.
  • A new trade good (the purple pine cones)
  • Two new creatures (the mindsting and the lesser neothellid)
  • Digital maps for each area, including a map of the Crossroads settlement. 

The hidden colonyPrice: $1.95