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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild


Explore Chinese mythology and the origins of the Chinese Zodiac and Chinese Lunar calendar. Re-enact the Great Race to determine the Chinese Zodiac, bringing order to time within China. 

Experience the cultural mythology, beautiful landscapes and Chinese astrology like never before. Travel through the breathtaking Zhangjiajie, the mountainous range that inspired James Cameron’s Avatar, the expansive Yangtze river, and beautiful, rolling rice terraces. Summon a rain dragon through a ritual and dance, open a lucky red envelope, or meet various demons and monsters that hinder your path. Create your own version of the Great Race, where you and your friends determine the new order of the Chinese Zodiac.    

In this book, you get:

  • 34 pages of an unique adventure, set in the origins myth of the Chinese Zodiac and Lunar Calendar 

  • 13 Zodiac animals for players to choose from, imbuing their characters with special abilities, traits, flaws and bonds, based on Chinese Astrology

  • Detailed instructions for running the game and expansive Chinese lore on the Zodiac animals and monsters, weaved in

  • 3 maps of Tianmenshan Village, created by the talented cartographer, David Glass- grid, labeled and no grid- for all your needs!

3-4 players | One-Shot Play | 3-4 hour sessions | D&D 5E | LVL 5

The Great Zodiac RacePrice: $5.99