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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

The party arrives in the town of Conchobar Lake after an arduous journey and they are just in time! The annual Meltwater Festival is about to begin. This week of celebration and revelry marks the beginning of winter’s end in the northern mountains. The fey control the forests all winter and this week is when mortals retake the region and begin to move toward spring. 

This is a combination guide and adventure. Each day of the festival has some fun winter activities for the party to join, which can be used individually in your campaign or joined all together for a week of downtime and winter fun.

The party is encouraged to help ensure that the people of Conchobar Lake have their Meltwater dreams come true, finding gifts and playing matchmaker throughout the festival.

The following activities are included:


Games of chance,


Ice fishing,

Magical decorating competitons,



And storytelling competitons.

And the whole event ends with a snowball fight to ensure that spring will come again!

The Great Meltwater FestivalPrice: $3.99