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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

“Grab on, and never let go.” This is a common mantra for those who call themselves a Grappler. Frontline combatants with a perchance for the physical marathon that is a grappling contest between two individuals, the Grappler is unique in his ability to completely shut down single foes with overwhelming force or precision. Your allies will appreciate the breather you buy them as you choke the life force out of the evil wizard, or slam the vicious lich down onto its back rendering him useless, and you’ll have fun doing it.


Every wrestling fan knows there is more than one way to get the job done, and the Grappler embodies these disciplines entirely. You may find yourself specializing in the Brute’s overwhelming physical presence, breaking limbs and choking the oxygen out of your opponent’s lungs as a Technician, or as one who prefers brains over brawn, you may find yourself breaking out some unique tools of the trade to push the boundaries of what it means to Grapple as a Toolmaster.  


The grappler is a martial class focusing on a reimagining, and fleshing out of, the grappling rules as they exist in 5e.

The Grappler- A Martial Class for DND 5ePrice: $2.95