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Step Into The House of Curiosities!

Once a prosperous stop off on the Evermoor Way, Nulfi’s House of Curiosities has fallen on hard times.

Now the main attraction, the mysterious Fairie Coffins, have been stolen, and the ever eccentric proprietor is seeking aid.

Will your adventurers recover the Fairie Coffins and survive the darkness that lurks at the House of Curiosities’ heart? Or will they end up filling little boxes all of their own?


  • A 4-6 hour adventure for three to six 1st level characters.
  • A fully mapped house of oddities and “delights” for the party to explore.
  • A mixture of investigative, social and combat challenges, to suit any playstyle.
  • Two new magical items to discover.
  • Two new creatures to battle, as well as variations to two preexisting creatures.

Part 1 of the “Grove of Cernunnos” series.

Part 2: “The Court of the Pixie Queen” coming soon!

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